IAR Legal Hotline

IAR Legal Hotline

The Upstate Alliance of REALTORS® does not employ an attorney on staff. As such, the association never offers legal advice to members or to the public. Below are options for legal advice involving real estate:

Legal Help via the IAR Legal Hotline

Legal advice is available to members via the Indiana Association of REALTORS® (IAR) Legal Hotline to ONLY Managing Brokers. Via the Legal Hotline, experienced real estate attorneys employed by IAR offer counsel on topics such as Indiana license law, contracts, agency relationships, and the seller’s disclosure form.

IAR attorneys are available to Managing Broker members and their designated agents ONLY:

  • Legal Hotline Hours: Monday—Friday | 9am—5pm ET
  • Contact the Legal Hotline: Call 1-800-444-5472. You may also submit an online form available on the IAR website here (IAR login required).

Legal Help via Local Bar Association

Please contact the Allen County Bar Associations for referrals to a real estate attorney.

Allen County Bar Association

924 S Calhoun Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802